Friday, June 12, 2009

another good one

I spend a lot of time wondering what is ahead. Where I will be, how i will be, what i will be doing, wishing i was doing all of these fun, creative, adventurous things. think think think- I am just at the cusp of actually starting to 'do'- its a thrilling place to be and a beautiful vista to behold- I came across this quote on one of my favorite blogs 'The Lettered Cottage' (see side for a link)- a blog that ALWAYS inspires my heart and brings a little bit of restoration for my soul. thought i'd share the quote with you too. enjoy!
Predicting the future.
The most accurate way to predict the future is to get busy creating it. T
hough you cannot guess what's going to happen, you can know for sure what you intend to do.
Do you wish to be in the right place at the right time? Then commit to creating real value in every time and place where you find yourself.
The most reliable way to get in on a good thing is to put forth the effort that makes that good thing real.
A surefire way to have good luck is to create your own luck through the actions you take.
It serves no purpose to wish for what you don't have. Use that energy to fulfill, express and expand upon all the great possibilities you do have.
The more generously you participate in life, the more it will go your way.
Always see the positive possibilities in the way things are, and things will work to the benefit of you and those around you.
The future belongs to those who act with commitment, persistence and positive purpose in the present.
Use this now moment to make your best predictions for the future come to life.
-- Ralph Marston

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Katie said...

Thanks for an encouraging post, Sarah! Hope you and Joe are doing well. Thinking of you...